June 30, 2023Uncategorized 10

Antenna Distribution And Why It Matters!

An Essential Tool Wireless microphones are an essential part of today‚Äôs audio landscape. Most churches you come across want multiple wireless systems that can address multiple needs in the church, i.e., vocalists, instrumentalists, speakers/pastors. Churches also have secondary desires for wireless, ranging from the need to be cable free, room restr …

May 31, 2023Uncategorized 10

Excelling with Excess!

Strategies to combat overstock: Rock Out With Sales and Promotions! Brands catching up? Foot traffic slowing down? Summer doldrums looming…good news: you’re in a great spot! As a music instrument retailer, you know that having too much inventory can be a major problem. It takes up space, it can become outdated, and it can even lose value. …

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