Aviom– the pioneer of personal mixers for live and studio performance, introduced a fascinating new product at the Winter NAMM show in January. While in-ear monitor systems and personal mixers have become the norm in most professional environments, there are still those too apprehensive to trade their screaming wedge monitors and ringing ears for a personal in-ear-monitor setup.  If you are one of those fearing a disconnect with your music, rest assured- Aviom has you covered. With the BOOM System, Aviom extends the full monitoring experience beyond the ears.

The Problem it Solves…


The Aviom Boom System takes the lead in providing a solution to an existing problem—how to put the feel and excitement back into a performance while monitoring with in-ears. The concept is simple: through a system of tactile-transducers tied to a central brain (essentially, vibrating motors controlled by an intelligent DSP-AMP box), a user can add punch, vibration, and movement to their performance. These transducers (CTT-1 Transducer at right) can mount to a drum throne, piano bench, or even a platform on which a performer can stand. Routing your mix through the Boom-1 processor generates and incredibly musical reproduction of the feel and vibrations (shake, rattles and rolls) that may be lost on quieter stages.

Why Boom?

Before we go further into the BOOM experience, a word about personal monitor mixing: Personal Monitoring is how the musicians on a stage (or pastor, speaker, magician…whatever) hear the overall mix of sounds. There are a lot of tools (points in the audio chain) that make this happen. What performers hear on a stage is different than what the audience hears. Aviom mixers provide the musician the ability to fully customize the mix to their liking, leaving the sound engineers to focus solely on what the audience hears. As these systems have improved- and as musicians have embraced the concept more- stages have become quieter and less chaotic. Musicians no longer need large speaker cabinets blasting in their face to hear their mix. However, some of the experience is lost with this setup, as performers can lose the FEEL, the physical connection to the music.  In the transition to in-ear monitors the front of house sound improved dramatically when the stage volume mud disappeared.   After years in research and development, the Aviom BOOM System brings the total performance experience back together in a remarkable way.

BOOM back

The By using a single rack processor (the BOOM-1), and a tactile transducer, the system can reproduce the physical experience of the music for the user. Corresponding shakes and vibrations from the transducers create the experience (dare I say, the illusion) that the user is immersed in a bombastic environment of kick-drums, bass guitars and downbeats. The boom reproduces and incredibly musical and lifelike experience in the same way large speakers and cabinets would create vibrations and thumping on a stage. When connected to a chair, platform, or stage, the tactile transducer powered by the BOOM-1 Processor will vibrate and ‘move’ in perfect synchronization with the source music. It is an extension of the monitor mix; one that dramaticallyenhances the experience for the user.

BOOM has quite an affect…but it is not an effect.

Although the Aviom BOOM System is the most useable and impressive tactile transducer system to date, the concept is not new. Previous iterations of this concept have been made popular in the gaming industry and movie theaters by companies like ButtKicker. The concept and application may have some overlap, however where the Aviom BOOM System shines is this:

The BOOM System is not a special-effect. It is not a cinematic experience intended to rattle the user when an explosion occurs on screen (or T-Rex emerges with a roar from the woods). It does not trigger in an “all or nothing” fashion. The BOOM-1 amp Processor is brilliantly designed with intelligent DSP and offers the user adjustable settings to dial-in the intensity and tightness (called “feel”) of the experience. From low and rumbly, to tight and punchy, the simple-settings on the Boom-1 can be customized to suit any preference

Setup is simple

Boom Setup

Perhaps the most appealing feature of the Aviom BOOM family, is the integration potential. The BOOM-1 Processor can operate with any personal monitor mixer; it is not exclusive to Aviom mixers. In fact, a user can even utilize audio driven from their phone to bring the BOOM system to life. This can be especially handy for individual practice or rehearsal. The simple ins-and-outs of the processor allow the user to fully integrate the BOOM into their setup, with only a cable or two

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For more information on the Aviom BOOM family of products, connect with us on our website. We would love to provide you a demonstration! Once you experience the BOOM, you won’t go back.


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