PreSonus Interfaces

We've been making recording interfaces for a long time. From the top-of-the-line Quantum family to the AudioBox USB 96, we prioritize sound quality, ease-of-use, and construction quality. Whether you use Mac®, Windows®, or iOS®, we have an interface that fits your application and budget.

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Atlona PTZ Cameras

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Shure IntelliMix Room

IntelliMix® Room the first audio processing software fully optimized for Shure conferencing microphones. Simply download and deploy to in-room Windows 10 devices, and bring conferencing into the future.

IntelliMix® Room is compatible with the following Shure systems: Microflex® Advance™, Microflex® Wireless, and Microflex® Complete Wireless.

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Spinetix HMP 400

At the core of our new digital signage solution lies the HMP400 Hyper Media Player. Engineered in Switzerland and made in Germany, HMP400 comes with 3 years of warranty, extendable to 5 years. It is the powerful hardware you need capable of reliably delivering 4K at 60 fps 24/7 for a decade.

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WilliamsAV “Convey” Room Translator

Listening is more than just hearing someone, it is about understanding them as well. And sometimes, understanding simply must come from communicating in the same language. With that in mind, Williams Sound is reinventing the art of listening with the introduction of the new Convey room translator. Convey was designed to enable integrators to easily add translation technology to an audio system design.

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Mezzo offers the same sound clarity, reliability, and overall build quality of any Powersoft install dedicated amplifier platform in a ½ rack unit form factor. It comes in 2 power supply sizes, 2 or 4 channels, and state of the art DSP. All models offer multiple analog input options, and the 2 channel versions feature line level outputs.

AD versions of Mezzo add audio networking capabilities with DanteTM/AES67 and an internal Gigabit Ethernet switch and a second port so that multiple products can share the same network cable. The smaller versions of Mezzo are sealed designs, therefore approved for hidden placement, such as mounted above the ceiling or tucked in a wall box.

The included mounting accessories allow multiple options: 1 or 2 Mezzo in a 19” Rack, 1 Mezzo in an 11” rack, wall mount brackets allow it to be mounted on any flat surface, also under a table or in the ceiling. Rubber feet allow Mezzo to be placed on a shelf.

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Barco ClickShare

ClickShare Conference connects wirelessly to your meeting room equipment for more immersive meetings. In less than 7 seconds you conference, collaborate and click from your own device, with your preferred conference tool.

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Shure MXA910W

Harmonious integration leads to more open discussion. An elegant approach to conferencing audio, MXA910 with IntelliMix eliminates all equipment clutter, leaving more room for clarity. Instead of focusing on a microphone’s position, you can concentrate on compelling communication. New Ceiling Array version for 24" ceiling grid installation in the United States (MXA910W-A) - Now Available for Pre-Order!

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Aveo Systems Mira Connect

Finally, an AV control system that is easy to set up, easy to use, and does so much! Mira Connect is the AV control solution that simplifies collaboration by providing an intuitive user interface for end users. Eliminate the fear of using the room and dialing calls! We’ve made it easy for integrators to set up Mira Connect. End users can control the audio visual equipment in their room AND control Zoom Rooms, too. And it’s easy to update Mira Connect with any equipment changes in the future. Want to move your Mira Connect from one room to another? Not a problem! Just un-pair it from the first room and pair it to another room.

Vanguard Axion Series

The Axion Series cabinets have a native aspect ratio of 16:9. If the cabinets are arrayed with equal cabinet height & width (i.e. 10x10 or 8x8), the entire display will retain a 16:9 viewing aspect ratio. Axion is available in pixel pitches of P0.94, P1.2, P1.3, P1.6, P1,8, P2.5. Axion is fully front serviceable. There are no external jumpers on the rear, making this cabinet ideal for wall mounting. Axion cabinets are designed for wall mounting and can be recessed into a wall. At only 2.28” deep, the Axion cabinet can be wall mounted to meet ADA requirements. Pre-threaded mounting locations make installation simple. Magnetic LED modules allow for quick and easy module replacement. Vanguard LED Displays offer a five (5) year warranty and 5% spare parts.

Spinetix HMP300

The plug and play design of HMP300 keeps deployment simple. Our third-generation hyper media player supports all display sizes and orientations and renders full HD video and animations in real time with exceptional quality. With its low power consumption and no moving parts, HMP300 is engineered to last a lifetime and can comfortably outlive even the most demanding projects. Its adaptability allows you to connect displays and interactive devices via USB and serial port alike. HMP300 is easily programmable and helps you reliably source content from multiple cloud accounts. On top of it all, the firmware updates provided by our engineers over the lifetime of your player ensure top-notch security and reliability.

Renkus Heinz IC Live X Series

The ICLive X series brings a new level of flexibility for integrators, contractors, and production/rental houses alike to provide the best solution for any application. The ICLive X series is a complete system, designed from the ground up, consisting of two freely combinable, steerable-array modules, the ICLX and ICLXL, and two matching subwoofers, the ICLXS and the ICLX-118S. New for the ICLive X Series is Renkus-Heinz’s exclusive Acoustic Source Multiplier (ASM) waveguide. The ASM allows the HF section to be coaxially mounted in front of the LF section. The coaxial driver arrangement delivers a consistent and symmetrical array of both high frequencies and low frequencies along the entire length of the array, allowing the freedom to choose any acoustic center available. In addition, the ASM reduces inter-driver spacing to it’s absolute minimum, insuring gradient-lobe free performance to very high frequencies.

Powersoft X Series Amplifier Platform

Powersoft X Series raises power amplification to a new standard of quality and usability. Powersoft X Series innovates the concept of amplifier platform: it implements a new system of channel routing, new worldwide compatible three phase power supply and a revolutionary full featured DSP. Powersoft X Series natively supports AES3, two redundant Dante™ by Audinate® digital streams and analog inputs, providing up to 4 different selectable input sources per channel.

Williams BluePOD

The BluePOD Solo Bluetooth® audio conferencing system is designed to simplify making conference calls in your meeting rooms with your mobile phone or laptop. With BluePOD Solo, making a conference call is as simple as tapping the Bluetooth connect button on your phone; no special software is needed. The Bluetooth Wireless Access Point (B-WAP) ensures a strong and smooth Bluetooth connection. Adjusting the volume, muting and connecting is all done on your phone, just like you do it now. The BluePOD Solo makes it easy to add professional-grade Bluetooth Audio into your existing audio system. The simplified design and functionality of the BluePOD solo makes it easy to integrate into your current audio system setup.

Axient Digital

For professional productions that demand flawless execution, Axient® Digital offers unprecedented signal stability and audio clarity, plus flexible hardware options, advanced connectivity, and comprehensive control. Up to 184 MHz tuning bandwidth across all receivers and transmitters. Up to 17 channels / 6 MHz or 23 channels / 8 MHz in Standard Mode; up to 47 channels / 6 MHz or 63 channels / 8 MHz High Density Mode. Transmitter form factors include handheld, bodypack, and micro-bodypack (micro-bodypack with ADX series only). Powered by Shure lithium-ion rechargeable batteries (AD series transmitters also powered by AA batteries).

Aviom A360 Personal Mixer

The A360 Personal Mixer delivers an unparalleled level of control, performance, and fidelity to personal mixing. With more mix channels, powerful features, and the streamlined user interface Aviom Personal Mixers are known for, the A360 helps musicians hear better than ever before.

Shure PSM 300

PSM®300 Stereo Personal Monitor Systems deliver reliable wireless freedom to every corner of the stage. Patented Audio Reference Companding ensures the clearest sound, with ultra-low noise and no artifacts.

Easy to setup and operate, PSM 300 systems offer one-touch frequency scan and sync to find and assign a clean wireless channel. Adjust the volume and use MixMode® technology or stereo mode to create a personal mix from two channels of audio.

Atlas IED

AtlasIED IP loudspeakers are the chosen solution for commercial environments with thousands of installations ranging from corporate enterprise, schools, universities, industrial factories, airports, and health care facilities around the world. AtlasIED effectively uses building communication systems while also helping to maintain a safe work environment with our industry-leading VoIP solutions.

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iConyx Gen 5

The Iconyx line from Renkus-Heinz is the industry leader in steerable speakers. They’re engineered for the most challenging acoustical environment. ICONYX has now been installed in thousands of project worldwide, from LAX International Airport in Los Angeles to the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China.

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Shure Microflex Advance

Microflex Advance - Shure’s premier AV conferencing solution is changing the way companies communicate today. Their Ceiling arrays are invisible and can be configured to cover any size room, regardless of shape. Their Table Arrays are versatile, low-profile, and elegant. Both Arrays feature new software tools from Shure to help provide a great solution for any conference situation.

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Shure MXW

Shure’s Microflex Wireless platform provides your conference room with a flexible and elegant way of having your voice be heard. Every system shares the same building blocks: intelligent rechargeable microphone transmitters and charging stations, discreet wireless access point transceivers, flexible audio network interfaces, and comprehensive software tools.

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Shure ULXD

Shure put their best foot forward with this digital wireless system. It combines multiple technological innovations in one easy-to-use system. ULX-D offers an unparalleled mix of audio quality, scalability, and battery technology to deliver true digital wireless excellence.

View this brochure to read more about Shure’s Digital Wireless system.

Williams Sound Digi-Wave

Simultaneous, two-way, digital communication technology. Slim, lightweight, and simple to set up and use. With the push of a button, users can access two-way communication for easy, more focused group leader / group member participation. Ideal for an array of applications including wireless intercom, language interpretation and tour guide.

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